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BPW Hosts

As a BPW host, you can register your offer here. You just have to confirm your membership. You do not have to pay any costs.

You are welcome to highlight your offer with a special advertising.

You are in no way obliged to offer BPW Guests discounts or special prices for friends. You are free to do so or not to do so at any time. 

Thank you! And enjoy the visits of friends!

BPW Guests

As a guest you contact the hosts directly. Please identify yourself to your host as a BPW member with the Confirmation Membership. There is no brokerage, sale, or reservation on this website.  Just contact your host directly!

Do not expect any price reductions or special price for friends. If this is the case anyway, this is absolutely voluntarily offered by the BPW hosts.

Feel welcome! And stay with friends!

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